What are you paying for?

The rate you pay for electricity covers all of the services required to generate electricity and deliver it to you.

How to read your Meridian bill

The total electricity rate(s) applicable to you is now displayed as separate rates for Meridian charges and network charges. Due to the effect of rounding, the network charges and Meridian charges in the rates column may not add up to exactly the same amount as the total electricity rate, however this will not affect the amount you pay because your total current charges are still calculated on the total electricity rate(s) applicable to you.

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    Generators – wind, hydro etc

    Generators – wind, hydro etc
    Generators produce electricity which is then sold into the wholesale electricity market for supply to electricity retailers. Meridian Energy is New Zealand's largest electricity generator and, like most other generators, we’re also an electricity retailer.
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    National Grid (Transpower)

    National Grid (Transpower)
    Transpower owns and operates the National Grid – the system of high voltage power lines that connects power stations to local network companies. Transpower charge the local network companies for this service. Transpower increased its charges to local network companies effective 1 April 2012.
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    Network companies

    Network companies
    Network companies are also called distribution or lines companies. They own and operate the regional power line networks that take power from the National Grid to your property. There are 29 network companies in New Zealand who each charge electricity retailers a fee that includes the Transpower charges (also known as transmission charges) and charges to operate and maintain their network (also known as distribution charges). Most network companies increased their charges to electricity retailers effective 1 April 2012.
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    Electricity retailers – including Meridian

    Electricity retailers – including Meridian
    Electricity retailers are sometimes called power companies. Electricity retailers buy electricity from the wholesale market to sell to residential and business users. You can buy electricity from any retailer you choose in your area. The rate that your retailer charges you for this electricity includes:
    • its own charges (which include the retail services they provide and purchase of electricity from the wholesale market )


    • network charges (based on the distribution and transmission charges it incurs from the network company, mentioned in steps 2 and 3 above).
    Meridian increased its network charges in most areas effective 1 April 2012, based on increases in the amounts charged to us by the network companies. You will see these charges listed under ‘network charges’ on your bill. Our own charges (which include the retail services we provide, and purchase of electricity from the wholesale market) are listed under ‘Meridian charges’ on your new bill.
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    Our total electricity rates are made up of network charges and Meridian charges. Your bill shows these charges separately but is still calculated on our total electricity rates.

Where can I find my...

Customer & account numbers

You will need to quote these if you would like to discuss your account. These numbers are unique to you.

Contact information

Here are our contact details if you have any questions.

Your energy pack

This shows you what energy package you may have with Meridian.

Number of units used

This shows the amount of electricity you have used (or we've estimated you've used) over the period for which this bill covers.

Your bill amount

This is the total amount due for this bill. This also shows the available prompt payment discount when the balance is paid in full and on time.

ICP number

This is the unique identifier for the property where power is being supplied to.

Latest reading

This is your meter reading information, which has been used to calculate your bill.

Meridian charges

Includes the cost of the electricity you consume and the retail services Meridian provides to you.

Network charges

Includes the cost of your network company and Transpower's services.

Charges for your usage

These charges apply only to the electricity you have used for this billing period and for the meters shown. These charges will change each month depending on your usage.

Charges for your property

Here are your daily charges that cover the fixed costs that apply no matter how much or little you use. An Electricity Authority Levy Charge will also apply to each bill.

Your energy use

This bar chart shows the electricity consumed each month in kWh’s. It’s based on your average daily consumption, then calculated for a calendar month (not a billing period).