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Environmental care

Special places and special responsibilities

New Zealand is a unique land of great beauty and valuable natural resources including the wind, sun, lakes and rivers that generate our electricity.

Using the latest technology, Meridian is now generating electricity more efficiently than ever.

Meridian's Commitment to New Zealand's' Environment

Creating a better energy future

Our commitment to renewable energy is our greatest contribution to New Zealand’s environmental well-being, and comes with responsibilities.

We aim to use New Zealand's natural and physical resources as effectively and responsibly as possible for the benefit of the environment and all New Zealanders, now and in the future.

Our communities

Sharing opinions and knowledge is important to ensure that we remain sensitive to environmental responsibilities as well as to spiritual and cultural values. So we work in partnership with the natural environment and our local communities.

Input from interested parties, such as local iwi, regulatory authorities, and community interest groups, is welcomed. They assist in identifying issues of concern which are solved through negotiation and compromise.

Our assets

All of Meridian's electricity generation is from renewable resources – water, wind and solar. In the past we have sold emission reduction units from our renewable energy projects.

Future developments

Future developments remain focused on renewable resources in keeping with New Zealand's commitment to the Kyoto Protocol and the national target to generate 90 percent of the country’s electricity from renewable energy.

Sustainability at Meridian

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