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Is your bill an estimate read? Send us your actual meter read below within 7 days of the date of your bill. We'll provide you with a new, accurate bill to pay within a few business days. All you need to do once you receive it is pay your account using the new, revised bill.

    How to read your meter

    There are three different types of meter – digital, dial and electronic

    How to read your digital meter

    Read the numbers from left to right, ignoring the last number. In this example then, the readings are 450 and 1906

    How to read your digital meter

    How to read your dial meter

    Ignore the top two test dials and read the other four from left to right. Always take the number that the dial has just passed, even if it isn’t the closest to the dial. In this example, dials 1 and 3 read clockwise and dials 2 and 4 anti-clockwise, making the reading 9704

    How to read your dial meter

    How to read you electronic meters

    These show readings for more than one meter. To view the readings, push a button or scroll automatically. The display will also show a total reading of two or more meters combined. Please send us the individual readings only. The reading of the example is 19345

    How to read your electronic meter

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