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Partner Premium Pack Terms and Conditions

1. Customer must be a current registered member of a Meridian partner Buying Group/Association, currently Motel Association of New Zealand (MANZ) or New Zealand Retailers Association (NZRA)

2. Tariff can be a Variable rate or a Fixed Energy Plan.

3. Customers will receive the Prompt Payment Discount as per the relevant Buying Group/Association contract, provided their bill is paid in full by the due date.

4. Meridian encourages the use of electronic means for bill delivery and payment, though the Partner Premium Pack permits customers to select electronic, and/or non-electronic means as follows:

a. Customer bills are available by email (pdf), paper bill delivered by post, or online at MyMeridian 

5. Customers who choose to receive a paper bill by post will incur a fee of $0.80 (including GST) per tax invoice, per installation.

6. Any “one-off” credit card payments made to Meridian will incur a fee of 3% per transaction.

The following sets out the general terms and conditions associated with the acceptance and use of the business packages.

1. These terms and conditions apply in addition to, and should be read together with, Meridian’s existing Standard Terms and Conditions

2. Electronic communications – Meridian will undertake reasonable endeavours to deliver all communications electronically where this is a selected feature of a package. Meridian reserves the right to support electronic communications with paper options where deemed necessary.

3. When a customer selects a package or option to receive their bill by email (pdf), the customer undertakes to keep Meridian updated with a valid email address.

4. In choosing a package, the customer agrees to behave in accordance with the rules for that package (specifically use of bill payment and delivery options).

5. Meridian reserves the rights to review customer adherence to chosen package rules and apply fees where necessary.