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Meridian Energy supplies electricity to corporate customers in every region and every industry – from supermarkets and city councils to the largest industrial sites.

We'd like to help you find the best solution for your energy needs and understand the benefits of being a Meridian corporate customer.

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Meridian Energy partners with KiwiRail to streamline their electricity billing process

At KiwiRail, 22 different staff members, spread across nine locations, were involved in processing 62 different invoices for the company’s 700 meters. Paying their electricity bills each month was a cumbersome process, according to Cees Ebskamp, KiwiRail’s Energy Manager.

 A joint project to reduce the number of invoices down to just one, with meters allocated to the responsible people, has delivered a number of benefits. These include:

 • significant savings in internal processing times and costs

• improved management of electricity connections

• optimised data collection for reporting purposes

• a tidy up of overdue payments, reducing the outstanding balance

• material savings from receiving prompt payment discounts.

KiwiRail were not just looking for an electricity supplier but an energy partner and selected Meridian based on its superior ability to understand and support KiwiRail’s requirements. A Service Level Agreement detailed specifically how the companies would work together to address KiwiRail’s electricity billing issues. Both companies were committed from the outset of the project and are delighted with the results. Ebskamp says, “Staff can now focus on the business’ strategic issues, rather than chasing bills.

“We’re big customers so it’s important that electricity is purchased at the best possible price, and the cost of handling invoices is part of that. The new billing system is working very well and also having some positive spin-offs in other parts of the business,” says Ebskamp.

Next on the agenda for KiwiRail and Meridian are to further enhance the new billing system and ensure all electricity connections have the right pricing and metering solutions, including installing smart meters on sites with difficult access.

To find out how Meridian can help your business achieve its energy objectives, request a call back from one of our business specialists at a time that suits you, email our business team  or call 0800 496 777 and ask for our Corporate Sales team.

Meridian Energy partners with KiwiRail (PDF 60KB)