Why we support KidsCan

Meridian believes every child deserves a decent start in life. One in four New Zealand children live in hardship. This can mean these children turn up to school cold and wet without raincoats, and struggle to keep up in the classroom. KidsCan provides basic necessities to children in need so they can focus on their education.

Give $15 per month

$15 a month helps provide shoes, food, raincoats and basic health and hygiene products for New Zealand children.

Make a one-off donation

You can give a one-off gift donation by visiting KidsCan online.

Helping New Zealand's children

KidsCan offers practical, hands-on assistance to thousands of children in schools throughout New Zealand including:

  • providing food items to more than 646 New Zealand schools to support hungry kids
  • distributing thousands of raincoats, shoes and socks
  •  the Health for Kids programme with nit treatments and basic health and hygiene items.

KidsCan accomplish a lot, but with 295,000 Kiwi children still living in poverty, they need your help. Make a difference in your community by donating a one-off amount or sign up to contribute monthly.

How much will our power cost you?

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