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Frequently asked questions

I own Meridian shares and/or bonds. How do I manage these?

For example changing personal details or my payment instructions.

Please contact our share and bond registrar:

Computershare New Zealand

  • Phone: +64 9 488 8777
  • Fax: +64 9 488 8787
  • Email: enquiry@computershare.co.nz
  • Address: Private Bag 92119, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142

Computershare Australia

  • Phone: +61 3 9415 4083 or 1 800 501 366
  • Email: enquiry@computershare.co.nz 
  • Address: GPO Box 2975, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia

You can also access your portfolio online at Computershare’s Investor Centre: www-au.computershare.com/Investor

Who can I contact at Meridian with a general investor enquiry?

Please contact:
Owen Hackston
Investor Relations Manager
Phone: +64 4 382 7496
Email: investors@meridianenergy.co.nz

How do I buy or sell shares or bonds in Meridian Energy?

To buy or sell shares or bonds in New Zealand, you will need to speak to a financial adviser or a broker who is an NZX Participant firm. You can find a list of NZX Participant firms at https://www.nzx.com/services/market-participants/find-a-participant

To buy or sell shares on the Australian market, contact a broker at an ASX Participant firm. You can find a list of them on the ASX website: www.asx.com.au/prices/find-broker.htm

Where are Meridian’s securities quoted?

Ordinary shares are quoted on the NZX under the ticker code ‘MEL’ and on the ASX under the ticker code ‘MEZ’.

You can find our retail bonds on the NZX under the ticker codes  ‘MEL030’ (maturing in March 2023), ‘MEL040' (maturing in March 2024) and 'MEL50' (maturing in June 2025).

You can also get up-to-date share prices online: www.meridianenergy.co.nz/investors

Do shareholders have to be New Zealand residents?


I am a bondholder, when is interest paid to me?

Interest is paid twice each year in March and September.

I am a shareholder, when are dividends paid to me?

Dividend payments are expected to be split into an interim dividend paid each April and a final dividend paid in October each year. When Meridian declares a dividend, the actual payment date is then confirmed. Please see www.meridianenergy.co.nz/investors/more-about-dividends for more on dividends.

What is meant by an imputed dividend?

Imputation is a mechanism that a company can use to pass on credits for tax it has paid on its profits, to its shareholders when it pays them dividends. These imputation credits offset the amount of tax that the resident shareholders would otherwise be liable to pay on those dividends, so they don't have to pay "double tax".

Does Meridian have a dividend reinvestment plan?

Meridian has approved the establishment of a dividend reinvestment plan (“DRP”). Under the DRP, Shareholders may elect to reinvest the net proceeds of cash dividends payable on all or some of their fully paid ordinary shares in Meridian by acquiring further fully paid shares, free of brokerage charges. Any shareholder who does not choose to participate in the DRP will continue to receive their dividends in cash. Further details of the DRP and a copy of the DRP offer document and participation form will be released in August 2021.

What currency does Meridian pay dividends in?

We pay dividends in New Zealand dollars to New Zealand resident holders and holders in other countries, except Australian resident holders who are paid in Australian dollars.

What are supplementary dividends and who gets this?

A supplementary dividend is a credit passed on by the payer of an imputed dividend to non-resident investors to offset the effects of double taxation (where the non-resident is subject to both company income tax and non-resident withholding tax).

What are record dates and ex-dividend dates?

A record date is the date on which an Issuer closes its register for the determination of eligible Investors for a dividend or interest payment or any other Corporate Action. Shares purchased after the record date do not participate in the dividend.

An ex-dividend date is the "cut-off" date for a registered shareholder and being eligible to receive the next dividend. From this date, new shareholders will not participate in the next dividend.

The NZX operates on a two day settlement cycle, so a dividend with a record date of 30 September 2016 has an ex-dividend date of 29 September 2016.

When does Meridian report its results?

Our financial year ends on 30 June, with the annual results, an Integrated Report and a shareholder letter released each August.

Each February, we also release interim results and a shareholder letter for the six months to December.

Each month we also release a monthly operating report. See here for our reports.

Where can I get a copy of Meridian's latest Integrated Report and other reports?

See www.meridianenergy.co.nz/investors/reports-and-presentations for our reports.


Does Meridian send shareholders the Integrated Report and other reports?

As a shareholder you can elect to receive a copy of Meridian Interim Results and the Integrated Report and shareholder letters. Please contact Computershare to select or update your communication preferences:

Computershare New Zealand

Computershare Australia

  • Phone: +61 3 9415 4000 or 1 300 850 505
  • Email: enquiry@computershare.co.nz 
  • Address: GPO Box 2975, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia

You can also select or update your communication preferences online at Computershare’s Investor Centre: www-au.computershare.com/Investor

Monthly operating reports and results and other investor presentations are available on our website.

When and where is the next Annual Shareholders Meeting?

Meridian’s 2019 Annual Shareholder Meeting was held on 17 October 2019 in Christchurch.

The 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting is intended to be held in October. Further details will be provided in the Notice of Meeting which will be released closer to the time.

Please see our Investor calendar for other upcoming dates.

Where can I find Meridian’s announcements and releases to the NZX and ASX?

Head over to our Media Centre, or you can see all our releases on the NZX and ASX websites. 

Can I contact the Board of Directors?

Yes, please send your enquiry via:
Owen Hackston
Investor Relations Manager
Phone: +64 4 382 7496
Email: investors@meridianenergy.co.nz