Civil engineer

What does that mean day to day? I look after the dams and waterways, I get out there and kick the stones, get my face in the sun and try to stay out of the office as much as possible.

What's the best thing about your job? I get to spend a lot of time outside, I get to meet some interesting people - anything from truck drivers to consultants to engineers, you name it and I have probably had a conversation with them. Just the fact I am not in the office too often, I don't really stare at a computer, I get my hands dirty. I look after some iconic assets and get to stare at Mt Cook every once in a while.

Three-year graduate programme

If you're a civil, mechanical or electrical engineering student in your final year of study we'd love to help kick-start your career with experience in the electricity industry.

What is your job title? My name is John Evans, I am a Graduate Mechanical Engineer

What does that mean? It means I basically I get a 3 year tiki tour around the country, check out all the awesome assets and learn a bit on the way.

What's the best part of working on Meridian's graduate programme? Definitely the people and the assets, it's just awesome to be working on some serious infrastructure and some really hard case guys. At the moment I am working my way through the hydro assets which is largely in the Mackenzie basin and down in Fiordland, and also based up in Christchurch with the engineering team up there. Being in Twizel with a few other grads and summer students we have a good deal of fun. We have the water ski in the water in about 10 minutes from the office, it doesn't get any better than that.

Locations with engineering teams

Our engineers are based out of our Twizel, Christchurch and Wellington offices and on site at our hydro stations & wind farms. 


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