Renewable energy

Power generation

We're committed to meeting future energy needs with renewable energy and helping to minimise the electricity industry’s contribution to climate change. We generate power from 100% renewable energy sources. 

Habitat enhancement and restoration

Our approach to biodiversity is to understand the effects we have as an electricity generator, to monitor change and work with stakeholders on initiatives to mitigate these impacts. These mainly relate to effects on water-based species resulting from inundation, dry river beds or habitat loss.

Project River Recovery

Between the 1930s when the Waitaki dam was built through to 1985 when the last Ōhau power station was completed, the Waitaki hydro system inundated about 7,400 ha of open braided river habitat and 3,900 ha of swamplands, and added 22,250ha of lakes and 290 km of lake shoreline. We are compensating for this habitat loss through our ongoing support of Project River Recovery, run by the Department of Conservation, which preserves flora and fauna in braided river habitats in the Upper Waitaki Basin.

About Project River Recovery

Waiau river restoration

Over the last 17 years the Waiau Trust has taken a “headwaters to confluence” approach, collaborating with a range of partners to care for the waterways of the Waiau Valley. Their work has resulted in a resurgence in local bird and aquatic life, and the new habitats are providing opportunities for rarer species such as marsh crake (koitareke) and fernbird (mātātā) to flourish.

about the Waiau river restoration project

Elver trap and transfer

The Waiau and the Waitaki catchments are the natural habitat of thousands of native eels, and building and operating dams in these areas has had impacts on their migratory habits.

about the elver trap and transfer project