Change plans

Get the best value from the energy on your farm. Make sure you’re on the right pricing plan. There’s plenty to choose from, and our agribusiness team can help you get the best deal for your farm. Here’s a quick overview of our plans. Contact us to discuss what’s best.

Fixed or variable pricing

Meridian offers two types of pricing, Fixed or Variable.

Choose a fixed rate plan if you want some certainty to help you budget, or variable pricing if you don't want to be tied into a contract.

Standard and low user options for our pricing plans

Do you have a farmhouse on your farm with its own separate electricity account? You may be able to save money by picking a Low User option for your pricing plan — depending on how much power you use. 

Seasonal rates and rates that change during the day 

Depending on when you use electricity you can choose between year-round or seasonal rates for your farm. You can also decide if you want rates that vary within a day, such as a DayNight rate that has lower night rates.