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Deferred Winter Payment

Meridian Energy and Fonterra Farm Source have partnered to give Farm Source customers a break from paying power bills over winter.

Each year, Deferred Winter Payment lets you defer payment of your June, July, August and September power bills until November.

Deferred winter payment

Easy access to your electricity usage how and when you want it

This tool is designed for organisations that use a lot of electricity and it will help you stay on top of your usage and costs.

  • You can find invoices for all your sites in one place.
  • See and download usage information for all time of use metered sites.
  • COMING SOON – usage information for all sites with a smart meter.
  • It’s free for Meridian business customers.
  • You can access it on your desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • It’s easy to use – no manual required.
Laptop web ready

Get your bill by email

Email bills are free. They’re simple to manage, registering is quick and easy, and online bills save paper, printing, and postage. You could save too. If you get paper bills instead, there’s a $1 charge.

Fill in our form and we’ll do it for you.

Does the amount on your bill not look right?

If we’ve sent you an estimated bill, and you want a bill with your actual power use, you can send us a meter reading.

If you send your reading within 5 business days of your bill, then we'll send you an amended bill for the actual power you've used. 

Choose your billing period

If you’ve got a smart meter you can choose to have it measure your usage on the last day of every month so that your usage period matches the calendar month. This makes it easier to compare your bills to each other, line up your billing period with a seasonal tariff (if you have one) and manage your expenses. You can still choose what date we issue your bill and therefore the date your bill is due for payment.

If you have more than one site then we can organise for all of your meters to be read at the same time, allowing you to have all of your bills from us together.

Speak to one of our dedicated agribusiness specialists for more information on billing periods, seasonal tariffs and set up.

Get a copy of your bill sent to another email address

You can arrange for us to send your bill to multiple email addresses, not just the one listed you have registered with us. So if you have someone else working or living in one of your properties, they can get a copy of it too.

Flexible payment options

Paying your bill through your rural supplier is simplest. You get an increased prompt payment discount if you pay through one of our associated rural supply companies. But if you’re not paying through a rural supply company, you’ve still got plenty of options for paying directly. 

If you have multiple connections then there is further information you should read.


Internet/phone banking

Internet banking is quick and simple. You pay your bill online at a time that suits you.

Credit/debit card online

You can set up recurring credit card payments, or make one-off payments to pay your bill.

Direct debit

Direct debit is the easiest way to pay your bill. The amount you owe us is automatically taken out of your bank account each month.

Another way

We have a range of other ways you can pay your bill, including in-person & cheque.