Pay your bill using internet/phone banking

Internet banking

Internet banking is quick and simple. You pay your bill online at a time that suits you.

To get set up:

Get together these two numbers – we need them both:

  • your Meridian customer number, and also
  • your account number.

You can find these in the top left-hand corner of your electricity bill.

  • Log in to your internet banking account
  • Follow your bank’s process for setting up a bill payment
  • Enter three pieces of information – your name, your Meridian customer number, and your account number, as shown below. We need all three pieces of information.

Put in these details:

Particulars Code Reference
<Customer account name > <Customer number> <Account number>

All New Zealand’s major banks have our bank details. Our bank account number is 03-0502-0233680-07.

Phone banking

Phone banking lets you pay your bill anytime, from just about anywhere.

Contact your bank to get set up.