How do I charge an electric fleet?

Charging an electric car is easier than you think, but depending on the charger you use, it can take quite a different amount of time to fully charge. 

Slow charge options

  • Plugging into a standard 8-10 amp wall socket is the slowest way to charge - it can take 10 - 18 hours per 100km of charge.
  • 15 amp socket  - these are usually found outside, or in a garage and take approximately 5 - 6 hours per 100km of charge.
  • Camper van plug - sometimes called the "blue commando" or industrial sockets, these 16 amp sockets take approximately 5 - 6 hours per 100km of charge.

Fast charge options

It can cost anything between a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars to install a fast charger depending on the speed of charging, and types and numbers of connectors.

  • single phase charger, depending on the car and charging station takes approximately 3-6 hours per 100km of charge.
  • three phase charger, depending on the car and charging station takes under 1 hour per 100km of charge.
  • DC charger, depending on the car and charging station takes 10-25 minutes per 100km of charge.

Charging up at work

As the popularity of electric vehicles increases, many workplaces are investing in electric fleet cars and installing charging stations at work.

For more information on installing chargers at your workplace check out EECA’s ‘Building EV Ready’. This document covers:

  • How do building owners and developers prepare for EVs?
  • How many charging points do I need?
  • What is the specification for an EV charging point?
  • How do I decide which carparks should be designated for EVs?
  • What else do I need to decide?
  • What If I’m retrofitting EV charging to an existing building?

Charge up out & about

There is an ever increasing number of fast and rapid public charging stations available throughout New Zealand.

  • A fast charge will take 3-6 hours
  • A rapid charge will take less than half an hour

Top up for free at some malls in Auckland, Palmerston North & Christchurch

With our partner Kiwi Property, we’ve set up some free charging stations. 



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How much an electric car costs

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