Energy efficient equipment and industrial

Your business can save money through smarter use of energy. Take a look at the following options to help reduce energy usage.


Switch off

Switching off equipment, computers and screens is one of the quickest and easiest ways to save energy and money.


Enable energy saving modes on your IT equipment (for example standby modes).

Constant supply Power Supply

UPS maintains constant power to equipment if the electricity supply fails. Check your UPS is sized accurately - excess capacity increases running costs.

Efficient appliances

Replace old appliances with efficient new models. Ask your retailer to recycle your old appliances.

In industry


Heating generally consumes the most electricity in industrial processes. Use timers, thermostats, and more efficient equipment to save energy.


Set appropriate operating temperatures for part load operations to avoid overheating or long ‘soak’.


Look at the overall cost effectiveness of each industrial process and get professional advice before you install new equipment.

You may be able to recover the cost of buying new, energy efficient equipment through reduced operating costs, increased productivity, long-lasting quality products and fewer rejected end products.