Energy efficient heating

Once your building’s insulated effectively, consider the following heating options:

No cost options

Make some space

Clear space around heating and air conditioning equipment to increase efficiency and safety.

Remove portable heaters

Remove portable heaters. Centrally heated offices with functioning sensors should not need them.

Reduce heat loss

Reduce heat loss by closing windows and exterior doors. Check seals on window and door frames, and block unused openings in the walls or roof.

Switch off

Turn off any unnecessary lighting. This reduces heat load.

Be selective

Be selective - only heat spaces you are actually using. Shut doors and curtains to keep heat in, especially at night.

Temperature control

Control temperatures. Thermostats should be set to between 18°C and 22°C and checked regularly. Ask staff not to adjust them.

Heating versus cooling

Set air conditioning and heating controls so they don’t conflict between heating and cooling, as this is very inefficient.


Avoid placing thermostats near heat sources like photocopiers, vending machines, refrigerators, machinery, lighting and sunlight.

Low cost options


Insulate pipes Insulate your heating and air conditioning pipes and ducts against heat loss and gain. Add roof insulation if necessary.


High ceilings increase heating and cooling needs. Use a fan to push warm air down in winter.


Use timers to turn heating and cooling off outside office hours.

Ventilation and extraction fans

Mechanical ventilation and extraction fans consume a lot of energy, so look for ways to reduce airflow rates or purchase high-efficiency fans.

Clean filters

Clean and replace air filters regularly.


Arrange regular maintenance checks of your air conditioning system.

Options to invest in

Waste heat

Recover and reuse heat wasted through ventilation, catering, cleaning or industrial processes.


Use a combined thermostat/timer/occupancy sensor to control heating and air conditioning in infrequently used areas, such as meeting or conference rooms.