Naked Fixed Terms Plan

  1. Expiry Date for this offer is 31 March 2019.
  2. This offer is only available in selected networks –Wellington Electricity and Auckland regions – excluding embedded networks.
  3. The customer is not entitled to a prompt payment or other discount.
  4. Bills will only be available online and/or by email (pdf). The customer undertakes to keep Meridian updated with their current email address.
  5. This pricing plan is not available in conjunction with any other Meridian offer or buying group discount.
  6. The customer agrees to pay by Direct Debit Variable or Recurring Credit Card only.
  7. If the customer dishonours their Direct Debit three times, the customer will be removed from the Naked Rates Plan and moved to the best available published rates offer that does not require Direct Debit as its payment method.
  8. These terms and conditions apply in addition to, and should be read together with, Meridian’s existing Standard Customer Terms and Conditions and Fixed Energy/Rate Plan Terms and Direct Debit Terms. 
  9. This offer is not available to any customer with a Prepay meter/plan.
  10. Meridian reserves the right to amend the terms of, or cancel, this offer at any time.