The sun is great for renewable energy.
But not for kids without a hat.

New Zealand is best enjoyed in the sun. With it, we have the sand between our toes, games of backyard cricket and long evening barbecues. It keeps us healthy. It makes us feel good. It even helps us generate renewable energy. And when school time rolls around, it means Kiwi kids getting outside and enjoying it in the playground – if they're wearing a hat.  

Unfortunately, many Kiwi kids don’t have access to a sun hat. Due to school rules, that means they need to stay inside or in the shade while their peers play in the sun – so they miss out on all the good stuff the sun has to offer.  KidsCan and Meridian are here to help with that. 

We’re giving kids the power to play by distributing 20,000 bucket hats to more than 250 decile one KidsCan partner schools and Early Childhood Centres throughout New Zealand.    


Delivering the most powerful hat this summer

Recently, we headed to Favona Primary School in Auckland to launch our "Sun's Out. Hats On." programme – giving sun hats to those without, so they could get outside and play with their mates. Check out their new playground games, the smiles on their faces and how much difference having a hat makes. 

For these children and thousands of others, that means more time spent with their buddies, more vitamin D, more exercise, more chances to practice their favourite sport, more time spent in nature, more imagination, more energy for learning, more freedom, and more time to just be a kid – which are all good for general wellbeing and development. All thanks to the power of a blue bucket hat.   

We’re excited to help more Kiwi kids make the most of the sunshine – just like we do.   


The power of a partnership 

KidsCan CEO on The AM Show

Watch KidsCan Founder and CEO, Julie Chapman, chat with Duncan Garner on TV3's The AM Show about the need for sun hats amongst Kiwi kids in hardship.  

"We believe that we should be able to unlock the power of play for children... It's important for kids to be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine but be protected at the same time."


"It's the shizzle."

Favona Primary School Deputy Principal, Iese Afutoto, says he's blown away with the efforts of KidsCan and Meridian in providing hats – and the opportunity for kids to play outside.

"Meridian and KidsCan are playing a big part in making sure that all our kids have hats... so all our kids can be safe in the sun," says Iese.

"That message, 'Sun's Out. Hats On.' is a great message for our kids and families."

Helping Kiwi kids in hardship

We believe every child deserves a decent start in life. One in four New Zealand children live in poverty, so we’re proud to create opportunities for young Kiwis with KidsCan. 

KidsCan makes a real difference by providing food, clothing and basic health and hygiene items to those who need it most. 

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