Giving kids the power to play

As a power company we know a thing or two about harnessing renewable energy. And in our work with KidsCan, we’ve seen how important it is for kids to turn their energy into play. So, along with KidsCan we teamed up with our friends at Three to give Kiwi kids a way to burn off some of their mental and physical voltage – and let parents recover a bit of theirs.

Parents, as you’ll attest: put the kids in a bubble, and things can go a bit wild. We created a way to help channel some of that bubble energy... but we reckon it’ll come in handy outside bubble life as well.

We can’t guarantee peace. But we can guarantee your kids’ undivided attention on something other than trying to find the treats in the pantry, or the sixteenth game of hide and seek.  

It's called AMPED – where host Walter Neilands along with Nanogirl, Stan Walker, Mark Richardson and K’Lee (just to name a few) bring experiments, pranks, cooking, dance moves, survival tips, interviews, workouts and daily challenges direct into your living room. Lockdown or no lockdown, anytime boredom hits, head over to ThreeNow and get AMPED with us.

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Keeping Kiwi kids fed 

Hundreds of Kiwi kids don’t just go to school to learn and play. They also go to school to eat. So with many parents facing job uncertainty, we’re helping KidsCan ensure children in need stay fed. KidsCan is needed now more than ever – so if you're in a position to help, you’ll be giving children what they need to get by during lockdown.