Join the mission frequently asked questions

Q. What will my pricing be during the mission?

A. We’re finalising some sharp variable pricing at the moment. Once you’ve registered your interest, we’ll send you a price comparison – then the choice on whether you join the mission is yours.  

Q Do I have to break my current fixed rate plan with Meridian?

A. Yes –initially the mission will only offer variable pricing, but we’ll work with you to discuss future options (including fixed term deals) as they become available.

Q. When are you moving my account to Flux?

A. We intend moving current Meridian customers on to Flux from November and signing up new joins to Meridian in either December or early 2019.

After you register your interest, and if you meet the eligibility criteria, we’ll send you further comms on the mission, including detailed timings about when your account will be moved to the new platform.

 Q. Will I get access to the app as part of the mission?

A. Yes – you’ll get access to a web and mobile app to manage your account, including a new look and feel bill. Don’t worry though, when we welcome you to the mission we’ll send you further comms which will explain how everything works and outline the new contact numbers and emails for customers on the Flux platform to use.

Q. Will I get an incentive for moving across?

A. If you are moving to Meridian as a new customer, you’ll receive our current staff sign-on incentive as part of your join. If you’re an existing customer, we won’t be incentivising you to move across, but don’t worry throughout the mission there will be a few thank you treats along the way.

Q. What if I leave Meridian as an employee during the mission?

A. We’ll work with you to assess this situation on a case by case basis.

Q. What if I want to leave Meridian as a customer?

A. We’d really like you to remain a customer throughout the mission period however, we understand situations can change unexpectedly, and you may need to leave Meridian as a customer. If that’s the case, please let us know prior to your switch and we’ll make sure your switch goes smoothly.

Q How long is the mission period?

A. At this stage, we envisage the “first customers on” mission running until April 2019. This might be subject to change but we’lll keep you posted throughout.

Once the mission has finished, you’ll remain serviced off the Flux platform unless we tell you otherwise.  

Q. How do I know what sort of meter I have got?

A. You don’t need to know this info. Once you register your interest we’ll check your ICP to make sure you meet the criteria for us to migrate you to Flux.

Q. Do I need to get my manager permission to take part in this?

A. No

Q. How much time will I need to make available for the surveys?

A. There will be a number of short surveys that we’ll ask you to participate in. In some instances, some of you may also be invited in to chat about the mission in more detail. We will advise at the time how long this will take so you can confirm with your manager.

Q. Can I join if I want to change my meter set up in the coming months i.e getting solar or adding a control meter?

A. Unfortunately not at this stage – we are starting small with capability and criteria that we know we can support and will extend the invite to other scenarios over time.

Q. Once I join, who can I call if I need help?

A. All that info will be included in the welcome comms sent to you once your eligibility has been confirmed.

Q. I don’t pay by DD, Credit Card or Direct Credit. Can I join?

A. One of the eligibility criteria is that you pay using one of the above methods. If you are keen to participate, you will need to change payment types to one of these methods by the time you switch to Meridian, or your current account is migrated to Flux.

Q. I am on level pay, why can’t I participate?

A. Currently, Flux does not support the level pay functionality, however this is being developed. If you want to participate and are willing to come off level pay, get in touch and we can see what we can do.

Q. I currently have Pick Your Own Payment Date, will this continue?

A. Yes, we will set you up with your current preferred billing date, so you will continue to pay on the same day.

Q. I still have some questions, who can I talk to?

A. Send the Project Momentum team an email and we will be happy to answer any questions -