Let us reintroduce ourselves.

We’re still Meridian Energy. All the electricity we generate still comes from 100% renewable sources. But we’ll now look and sound a bit different when you see us in the street.

We’ve changed our look and logo to represent renewable energy. To show our commitment to the environment. And to share our belief that taking care of it is the only way forward.

Our new ad campaign tells it like it is.


All the electricity we generate comes from 100% renewable sources –
wind, water and sun.

And we're committed to doing good things with our energy. Doing right by people and right by the environment.

Like helping Kiwi kids in hardship through our partnership with KidsCan. Backing grass roots community projects with our Power Up fund. Saving a taonga species with the Department of Conservation Kākāpō Recovery Programme.

We won’t stop there. We're working hard to find new, meaningful ways to put our energy to good use.

Like what we stand for?



Our new logo.

Our logo takes its inspiration from our energy sources - wind, water and sun, as well as how we create it via turbines and rotors. It's more modern, better represents who we are, and stands out in a crowd. It's our new symbol for renewable energy.


Meridian Energy Logo

Meridian Energy Logo