Community projects receive $14,000 in Meridian Energy grants

Meridian Energy has awarded more than $14,000 to community projects from its Te Apiti Community Fund.

The Society for the Local Economy of Ashhurst and Pohangina Incorporated (LEAP) has received $2982 to create a website for the Ashhurst Community Market and Local Origin Ashhurst Voluntary Exchange Service. LEAP supports local businesses with initiatives to encourage residents to buy locally.

Ashhurst School has received $6864 for improved basketball facilities. A permanent basketball hoop system will be installed for students, teams and the public to use.

Ashhurst Pohangina Football Club has received $2923 to purchase a pitch line marker which will allow the club flexibility in how fields are marked and will reduce club costs.

Awahou School has received $1923 towards its technology upgrade project. The funding will allow for two large television screens to be installed in classrooms, for better connection to digital learning resources.

Meanwhile, Meridian’s community relations manager Carly Anderson says Meridian is delighted to announce it will support the Te Apiti Community Fund for another three years.

“We recognise how important the communities are in the areas where we generate power, and the community funds are our way of celebrating this relationship with you.”

From July 2016 funding for the Te Apiti Community Fund will be $96,000 over three years with Meridian to hold one funding round each year.

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