Conscious Consumers and Meridian Energy partner to promote ethical and sustainable business practices

Conscious Consumers believes that everyday consumers and ethical businesses have the power to transform the world we live in.

We’re delighted to announce that Conscious Consumers has partnered with Meridian Energy to help grow the movement of kiwis that are using their spending to help choose the world we live in.

Neal Barclay, Meridian, General Manager of Retail says,

“At Meridian we have always recognised that operating our business in an ethical and sustainable manner is fundamentally important to both our staff and our customers. Meridian is delighted to be partnering with Conscious Consumers to help increase the organisations awareness and grow its membership.”

Using your wallet to give your values a voice

By combining your everyday spending with your values on our good spend counter, Conscious Consumers helps the money you spend to send a message about what you care about to businesses big and small across the country.

Ben Gleisner, CEO and Founder of Conscious Consumers says,

“Meridian and Conscious Consumers are both committed to creating a better future by encouraging consumers and businesses to prioritise people and the planet. It feels like a very natural partnership and we’re excited about growing value-driven businesses together.”

Meridian is leading the way as the first Conscious Consumer accredited electricity company in New Zealand. Before forming this partnership, Conscious Consumers checked out Meridian’s sustainable and ethical credentials to make sure Meridian were walking the talk. As a result, Meridian has been awarded four Conscious Consumers badges for recycling, composting, eco-packaging and supporting communities.

Positive, tangible steps to a better world

Conscious Consumers recognised that the following sustainability practices are part of Meridian’s DNA and ongoing commitment to a better future.

  • Composting and recycling diverts an estimated 13,200 kg of organic waste and 12,500 kg of recyclable waste from landfill.
  • Online invoicing and bill payments eliminates the consumption of over 3 million items of paper.
  • Through their social and environmental community funds and principal sponsorships, including KidsCan and the Kākāpō Recovery Programme, Meridian gives an estimated $1.5 million each year to help those in need.

These positive steps represent just the beginning. With more consumers registering their values and their spending, we will continue to build a stronger signal to influence more businesses to continue to improve their environmental and social impacts.

Since the launch of Conscious Consumers ‘good spend counter’ initiative, over $500,000 has been spent by kiwis across the country who are using their wallets to give their values a voice. To find out more and sign up go to