Meridian Energy today welcomed the announcement of the new Interim Climate Change Committee as a defining first step in the country’s move to take action on climate change.

Meridian’s Chief Executive Neal Barclay said the committee showcases some of the country’s best expertise across a range of sectors, which can only be good news for the country.

“It’s important that all New Zealanders have confidence that this interim committee can get to work now to shape the path for the transition to a low carbon economy and we are pleased with the members announced today,” says Neal Barclay.

“It’s also very important for business confidence that this committee ensures all sectors get the right signals and support to allow them to adapt, innovate and future-proof our economy,” adds Neal.

Among the interim committee members is Dr Keith Turner, Meridian’s first CEO, who set the company’s commitment to renewable only generation for Meridian over a decade ago.

“It’s heartening that since that time many other electricity companies have adjusted their strategies and joined us to increase the country’s renewable advantage. We’re now looking forward to shaping the path to a zero carbon future by 2050, supported by a credible climate change commission.

“The opportunity to further diversify the use of renewable energy into the transport and agriculture sectors will no doubt be accelerated by the steps and targets this climate change commission will put in place. It’s an exciting time to be part of the solution”.