Makara waterway restoration grows with help from Meridian Energy

The Makaracarpas Society has received funding from Meridian Energy’s West Wind Community Fund to grow its restoration of wetlands and waterways in Makara.

Over eight years the group has carried out fencing, riparian planting and pest trapping at Makara beach and estuary. With the help of new funding they will now expand their operations upstream into the Makara and Ohariu Valleys.

Makaracarpas Society chair Rebecca Wilson says the group’s work improves the water quality, habitat value and appearance of Makara waterways.

“With this funding we will purchase the tools and implements we need to start this next stage of restoration work on the Makara and Ohariu Streams. This project will eventually result in healthier, more attractive waterways for our community and over time we will also see an increase in native bird and fish life in the local streams.”

The West Wind Community Fund has also supported the seismic strengthening and repair of earthquake prone St. Matthias’ Church in Makara.

Makara resident John Mills says access to the church is currently limited due to its state of disrepair.

“Carrying out this work means the community can continue to enjoy this historic landmark, which will be saved from potential demolition.”

In total, Meridian has awarded more than $33,000 in the latest round of funding from its West Wind Community Fund. The groups to receive funding are:
• St Matthias’ Church - $15,000 for seismic strengthening and repairs.
• Makara Model School - $11,845 for and ActivStation mobile interactive touchscreen whiteboard.
• Makaracarpas Society - $3073 for waterway restoration and riparian planting.
• Pony Welfare and Youth Education - $3500 for the purchase of a new water tank.

Meridian supports thriving communities across New Zealand by investing in groups and projects through its community funds programme.


Philippa Norman
External Communications Specialist
021 707 854