Meridian Energy is increasing New Zealand’s renewable energy potential by unlocking access to additional storage at Lake Pukaki, the country’s largest storage lake. Access to the extra storage at Lake Pukaki, when Transpower declares dry conditions, could provide enough electricity to power the equivalent of around 50,000 homes.

Meridian Chief Executive, Neal Barclay, says “As a 100 percent renewable energy generator it’s our mission to continue to grow New Zealand’s renewable energy and to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.”

Under existing resource consents Meridian has for some time had approved access to 545GWh of storage in Lake Pukaki during dry conditions.  However engineering and operational constraints have to date limited how much of this could actually be used. A recent engineering review has seen Meridian look at and re-evaluate those constraints and Meridian now believes access to the remaining 367GWh is feasible.

“We’ve unlocked a significant opportunity to bolster the country’s renewable advantage under our existing consent. So, Aotearoa’s largest battery just got bigger,” adds Barclay.

This additional storage will be incorporated in Meridian’s operations in the near future, subject to operational flow constraints at low lake levels.

“This is great news for our team who have worked hard to overcome these engineering constraints and maximise on our renewable advantage.”


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