Meridian and Whittaker’s celebrate new partnership based on shared commitment to renewable energy

Whittaker’s and Meridian Energy today launched a Special Edition Giveaway ‘Brooklyn Block’ chocolate to celebrate their new partnership, which is based on a shared commitment to renewable energy.

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Whittaker’s has chosen Meridian as its electricity provider because it only generates power from 100% renewable energy sources – wind and water.

Whittaker’s Marketing Manager, Holly Whittaker says “The celebration Brooklyn Block is named after Meridian’s iconic Brooklyn Turbine, which alone generates enough electricity to power 60% of Whittaker’s total chocolate production each year. We love the fact that Meridian only generate from pure ingredients, like Wellington wind!”

The partnership with Meridian also provides an opportunity to identify any potential energy efficiency options that may contribute to continuous improvement in Whittaker’s sustainable business practice.

Meridian’s Neal Barclay says, “Customers have choice – whether it’s over chocolate or electricity. Whittaker’s share our commitment to the best ingredients and best business practices, with renewable energy at the heart of both. This can make a real difference for customers.”

As well as a shared commitment to renewable energy, there is a natural synergy between Whittaker’s and Meridian, with both companies being Wellington-based and known for their engagement with consumers and communities.

Over the next week Whittaker’s and Meridian will join forces to provide some unique opportunities for consumers with some great prizes including the Brooklyn Block and a year’s free electricity up for grabs. The Brooklyn Block is exclusively available in select Brooklyn stores and via a limited Whittaker’s and Meridian giveaway.

“We’re looking forward to working together and to promoting the importance of renewable energy. For Whittaker’s, it’s one important step alongside our existing commitment to Fairtrade, our support of a number of other community and conservation causes, and other initiatives we have in the pipeline,” says Holly Whittaker.

For further information, contact:
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More about Meridian

Meridian is one of three companies in New Zealand recognised on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for its sustainability credentials.

Meridian’s commitment to generating electricity from renewable resources is at the core of what makes the company a sustainable business. As the largest electricity generator in New Zealand, Meridian is the most significant contributor to the Government’s target of 90% renewable electricity generation by 2025.

Meridian’s business strategy identifies areas critical to our success and reflects a wide range of factors, including shareholder expectations, iwi and community interests in water rights and allocation, and our customers’ energy needs. The sustainability framework that we use helps us to measure and monitor our performance in this range of economic, environmental and social goals. 

More about Whittaker’s

Established in New Zealand over 120 years ago, Whittaker’s is a family-owned New Zealand company that is proud to be one of the largest employers in the Wellington region and an exporter of quality New Zealand products.

Whittaker’s is committed to making chocolate of the highest quality using only the finest ingredients. Whittaker’s is the only major chocolate manufacturer in New Zealand that ensures quality by controlling the whole manufacturing process – from bean to bar.

For the past five years in a row, Whittaker’s has been voted New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brand in the Reader’s Digest annual awards, which is a great endorsement of its company values.

Both of Whittaker’s top selling 250g blocks are Fairtrade Certified — 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk and 72% Dark Ghana. Whittaker’s is also delighted to be working directly with the Vaai Family in Samoa and have established a cocoa improvement programme to help improve the quality and yield of the Cocoa in their region which benefits the wider community by increasing employment, and by providing a stable export market for their Cocoa. Whittaker’s also recently partnered with Kiwis for kiwi, the national charity that aims to reverse the decline of kiwi and increase numbers by raising and distributing funds to community-led kiwi conservation projects.