Meridian Energy Limited has announced that Steve Reindler has resigned and will step down as a director of the Company with immediate effect. This follows the announcement by Z Energy that it has purchased a majority shareholding stake in the electricity retailer, Flick Electric. Mr Reindler was a director of both Meridian Energy and Z Energy.

“On behalf of the Board and Management, I would like to thank Steve for his long and dedicated service to Meridian since he was appointed a director in 2008,” said Meridian’s Chairman Chris Moller.

“Steve has shown a strong passion for the Company, particularly in the fields of engineering, health and safety and sustainability and, as a result, he has made a significant contribution to Meridian during the decade that he has been a director.”

Mr Moller advised that the Meridian Board will be meeting in October to consider whether to replace Mr Reindler and, if so, to determine any appointment process.

Neal Barclay
Chief Executive
Meridian Energy Limited


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