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Meridian Energy Limited's monthly operating report for the month of September 2019 is attached.

Highlights this month include:

  • In the month to 9 October 2019, national hydro storage decreased from 97% to 81% of historical average
  • South Island storage sat at 75% of average and North Island storage at 99% of average on 9 October 2019
  • Meridian’s Waitaki catchment storage at the end of September 2019 was 97% of historical average
  • Storage in Meridian’s Waiau catchment was below average at the end of September 2019
  • National electricity demand in September 2019 was 1.3% higher than the same month last year
  • Meridian made calls under the Genesis Swaption in September and early October 2019
  • September 2019 saw average temperatures and variable rainfall, including below average rainfall in the south
    and west of the South Island
  • New Zealand Aluminium Smelter's load during September 2019 was below the contract level of 622MW
  • Meridian’s New Zealand retail sales volumes in September 2019 were 17.3% higher than September 2018


Neal Barclay
Chief Executive
Meridian Energy Limited

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