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Off the back of the Government’s announcement around COVID-19, Meridian has taken steps to ensure preparedness as a lifeline utility and to provide support to our customers.

What Meridian is doing?

Caring for our customers

Meridian is working to manage the impact that COVID-19 could have on our customers. Our team are well prepared and able to offer personalised support, we encourage you to get in touch if you are struggling to pay your bill or are seeking specialised care.

We have payment options available to assist our customers during this time. We can also put you in touch with budget advisors and other services that may be able to help, such as Work and Income. Customers can contact us on 0800 496 496 so we can understand your situation and discuss personalised payment options with you.

Renewable generation

Meridian, alongside the other generation companies, is co-ordinating with Transpower (the System Operator) to assist them to manage security of electricity supply across the country. As an essential service, Meridian has already put in place our own plans to minimise any business impact and we’re playing our part in managing security of supply.

The industry has a comprehensive emergency management plan that covers a range of events where people and/or electricity plant becomes unavailable. In the case of a pandemic, the agreed procedure is to isolate and compartmentalise our critical people and functions to reduce the chance of the virus spreading.

For Meridian, this includes the ability to control our electricity generation from three other geographically diverse control centres (in addition to our central control centre in Wellington). These centres have been tested and generation staff are ready to be redeployed if necessary.

We will continue to work closely with Transpower and other industry parties to coordinate our response to COVID-19 where necessary.

Meridian Staff

An incident management team has been in place since February, with a dedicated group working to ensure we continue to support our customers, generate electricity and provide other key services. Most Meridian staff have the ability to work remotely or in isolation if necessary.


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