Meridian Energy is proud to be recognised as one of New Zealand’s most sustainable brands in the 2017 Colmar Brunton Better Futures report.

The report has ranked Meridian as the fourth* most sustainable brand behind ecostore, Fairtrade and Tesla.
Meridian Chief Executive Neal Barclay says, “We’re proud to have been recognised again this year as one of New Zealand’s most sustainable businesses.”

“Sustainability isn’t a philosophy that sits alongside our business strategy; it’s an integral part of our approach to business, and one of the keys to our success in our 18 years of existence. It is because of this genuine commitment to sustainability that last year we decided to adopt the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”.

“As a company that generates all of our electricity from renewable resources, we contribute meaningfully in New Zealand to two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals that are focused on climate change and renewable energy: SDG13 Climate Action and SDG7 Affordable and Clean Energy”, says Barclay.

“Climate change is no longer a topic that is up for debate. It is the biggest issue facing the world today and as one of New Zealand’s largest businesses Meridian has an important role to play by encouraging sustainable business practices.”

Meridian has been ranked as one of the top five most sustainable brands by Colmar Brunton for the past four years.


Polly Atkins
Senior External Communications Specialist
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* When asking respondents: “And now thinking about all the sustainable brands you know of, both within New Zealand and around the world, which brands would you say are leaders in the area of sustainability?”

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Polly Atkins
External Communications Specialist
021 174 1715