Climate Action

In Aotearoa, we’re ahead of the pack when it comes to EV charging infrastructure, but to make sure kiwis are able to get the most out of their EVs, we need to make it even more accessible. In an effort to help reduce range anxiety and support the Government’s ambitious plans to combat climate change, Meridian has announced that it is launching a nationwide EV charging network to help remove any stress and leave drivers feeling confident in their decision to go electric.

Meridian Chief Executive, Neal Barclay, says “We know that the electrification of transport is one of the biggest ways that we can help combat climate change. But New Zealand needs more extensive charging infrastructure to help build real momentum to the switch to electric. So Meridian is launching a nationwide network of more than 200 EV chargers that we will install within the next three years”.

“As a 100% renewable energy generator, we’re committed to helping Aotearoa achieve its climate change commitments and this is one way that we’re able to make a meaningful impact”, adds Barclay.

The Meridian EV charging network is a multi-million-dollar investment to provide affordable charging stations in the places that kiwis live and play.

The chargers will be AC chargers which have less impact on the electricity networks and are ideally suited to shopping malls, retail and business parks, as well as community facilities. This AC network will complement the existing DC fast chargers that are available for those who need to charge quickly and travel long distances.

"It is clear from the recent Government announcement and the Climate Change Commission’s draft recommendations that electrification of transport will play a large role in the future decarbonisation of the New Zealand economy. And we’re committed to working with government, local councils, like minded businesses and our customers to support this transition,” adds Barclay.


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