New technology installed at Te Uku wind farm

Those heading to and from Raglan this summer may notice a few cranes amongst the turbines at Te Uku wind farm.

The cranes, along with twenty contractors, are onsite installing a new technology designed to improve the aerodynamics of the turbine blades.

The upgrade involves attaching a number of components to the blade surfaces, which will allow the turbines to generate more electricity from wind.

Meridian’s wind technical strategy manager Paul Botha says the components are designed to increase lift, reduce turbulence and add efficiency.

“Once fitted, it’s expected there’ll be up to a 3 per cent increase in production from the wind farm. That’s enough electricity to power around 800 homes per year, which is not insignificant,” says Mr Botha.

Te Uku wind farm is home to 28 turbines and can generate up to 64.4 megawatts of renewable energy.

The upgrade is expected to be completed in April or May, with the twenty contractors carrying out the work to be based in Raglan for the duration of the project.