Notice of allotment of retail bonds (MEL030)

The following is provided in accordance with Listing Rule 7.12:


Meridian Energy Limited

Class of security

Unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate debt securities



NZX Debt Market Ticker Code


Number of MEL030 bonds allotted


Issue price

$1.00 per bond

Interest rate

4.53% per annum

Payment in cash


Amount paid up

Bonds have been fully paid up

Principal terms of the securities

Unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate debt securities with a maturity date of 14 March 2023

Percentage total class of MEL030 allotted


Reason for the allotment

Allotment under the final terms sheet for the offer of fixed rate bonds dated 7 March 2016

Specific authority for the allotment

Resolution of directors dated 23 February 2016

Terms or details of the allotment

As set out in the final Terms Sheet dated 7 March 2016

Total number of MEL030 bonds in existence after the allotment


Date of allotment

14 March 2016

For investor relations queries, please contact:

For media queries, please contact:

Owen Hackston

Investor Relations Manager
021 246 4772

Michelle Brooker

External Communications
021 225 9624