Notice of allotment of retail bonds (MEL040)

The following information is provided in accordance with Listing Rule 7.12:



Meridian Energy Limited

Class of security

Unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate debt securities



NZX Debt Market Ticker Code


Number of MEL040 bonds allotted


Issue price

$1.00 per bond

Interest rate

4.88% per annum

Payment in cash


Amount paid up

Bonds have been fully paid up

Principal terms of the securities

Unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate debt securities with a maturity date of 20 March 2024

Percentage of total class of MEL040 bonds allotted


Reason for the allotment

General corporate purposes

Specific authority for the allotment

Resolution of directors dated 27 October 2016

Terms or details of the allotment

As set out in the final terms sheet dated 10 March 2017

Total number of MEL040 bonds in existence after the allotment


Date of allotment

20 March 2017


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Owen Hackston
Investor Relations Manager
021 246 4772

Philippa Norman
External Communications
021 707 854