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For the purposes of Listing Rule 7.12.1 of the NZX Main Board Listing Rules, Meridian Energy Limited advises that the following securities have been issued on 7 September 2017 pursuant to its Executive Long Term Incentive Plan:

Class of Security and ISIN

Ordinary Shares


Number of Securities issued 56,850
Issue price $2.904
Payment in cash Yes
Any amount paid up (if not in full) Not applicable
Percentage of total Class of Securities issued 0.0022%
Reason for issue

Issue of shares pursuant to the Meridian Energy Limited
Executive Long Term Incentive Plan

Authority for issue Directors' resolution
Terms of issue

Issue of ordinary shares to Meridian LTI Trustee Limited on
behalf of senior executives pursuant to the Meridian Energy
Limited Executive Long Term Incentive Plan, under which
the shares are held on trust by Meridian LTI Trustee Limited
subject to certain performance targets being met, upon
which the shares will vest. The issued shares rank pari
passu with existing ordinary shares.

The shares were issued by a transfer of treasury stock from
Meridian Energy Limited to Meridian LTI Trustee Limited.

Total number of Securities of Class in existence after issue 2,563,000,000
Treasury Stock Not applicable
Date of issue 7 September 2017



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