Meridian Energy supports Drive Electric’s White Paper which was released today – Building an electric fleet: a ‘how-to’ guide for businesses considering transitioning to electric vehicles.

Meridian Energy’s procurement manager Nick Robillard has contributed significantly to this White Paper as by converting their own fleet to electric, they’ve been able to reduce their emissions, while saving money on the total cost of their fleet.

“We want to help other businesses who are considering converting to electric to understand the benefits – not only from an environmental point of view, but also how going electric could save you money”, says Nick.

“By converting to electric, we’ve managed to save between $5,000 and $6,000 per year on operating and maintenance costs for each vehicle”.

“After 14 months of ownership, the Hyundai IONIQs have retained 87% of the original purchase price. This compares favourably against the diesel vehicles we would usually have purchased, where 70-75% of value is retained.”

The 100% renewable energy generator recently reached their target of converting 50% of their passenger fleet to fully-battery electric vehicles by June this year and is now looking to have 90% of their passenger fleet converted by 2020.

The GPS data that showed how Meridian staff were using vehicles has been critical to making the right calls for the business.

“It meant that we could make truly informed decisions, because we had detailed profiles. Your best friend in this whole process is having good GPS data and someone who can interpret and model it,” says Nick.

Meridian Energy is a Drive Electric board member. The full White Paper will be available after 6pm here:

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