Central Wind project

Meridian was granted resource consent in February 2009 to construct, operate and maintain a wind farm known as Project Central Wind.

The site for the proposed wind farm is located southeast of Waiouru and sits within the Ruapehu and Rangitikei District Councils, and Horizons Regional Council.

Over that time, the economic conditions required to build and operate the wind farm were unfavourable and the consents subsequently lapsed in May and June of 2020.

Despite this, we still regard Central Wind as an excellent site and one we believe can be a strategically significant development, able to contribute to a modern, decarbonised and thriving New Zealand economy.

We believe that developing renewable energy projects remains the right thing for the New Zealand economy and for the environment.

We will be moving forward with our plans to apply for a new consent for the site.


For general enquiries contact: wind.info@meridian.co.nz 
For media enquiries contact: mediateam@meridian.co.nz