Meridian’s energy price change explained

You may have recently been advised that the energy component of your electricity price is increasing.


Frequently asked questions about the energy price change

  • Didn’t you just change my rates?

    We changed our network charges for some networks, effective 1 April 2018. This review relates to our Meridian charges.

  • How do you estimate how much more or less I will be paying?

    For customers who we have received reads for the last 12 months or more, we look at how much electricity you used over the last 12 months and by working out the difference between your current and new rates we can estimate the annual impact. We then divide this by 12 months to estimate the monthly impact to your bills.

    This estimation includes GST, assumes that you’ll receive your prompt payment discount each month, that your power usage stays around the same as previous years and that your meter type/network classification won’t change (these can all make a difference). The actual impact will differ month to month depending on how much electricity you have used in that month (e.g., you would typically use more power over the winter compared to summer).

  • Trouble paying your bills?

    If you’re having trouble paying your bill, or think you may have trouble paying your bill in the future, talk to us. We can discuss payment options and budget advice, or put you in contact with social agencies that may be able to help, such as Work and Income New Zealand.

If you’re a Meridian customer and have questions about pricing and/or price changes, please email us or call us on 0800 118 228.