We're one of the leading power companies in New Zealand, generating power from only 100% renewable sources. We care about sustainability and believe that by doing the right thing by people and the planet, we’re working to build a better future for our team and the customers we sell power to.

With a truly flexible, diverse and inclusive culture, we’re committed to the long-term future of New Zealand.

We're diverse

Our culture embraces people’s diverse perspectives and creates a positive environment where everyone belongs.

Diversity and inclusion

Who we are

Our values represent everything we hold to be an important part of a successful company

Our Values

Where we are

We've got offices all over the country, in some of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand

Our locations

Clever companies

We've got a set of clever companies that are experts at what they do

Meridian subsidiaries

Management team

We've got a strong leadership team who are leading us into a sustainable future

Our management

Board of directors

Our board effectively represents and promotes the interests of shareholders with a view to adding long-term value to Meridian shares.

Our board members