Decarbonisation Community Fund  

Looking to reduce carbon emissions within your community? 

We’re taking our role in helping Aotearoa reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 seriously. We want to accelerate decarbonisation across the nation and want to help others do the same. We’re proud to introduce our Decarbonisation Community Fund – specifically set up to help community groups across Aotearoa reduce their carbon emissions.

We realise that prioritising decarbonisation is hard for community groups.  But we also know that sustainability is a focus for more and more organisations every day.  Whether it's by helping upgrade your community cars to electric vehicles or installing solar panels to generate renewable energy, Meridian wants to help you achieve a brighter and more sustainable future. 

Is my project eligible?


Decarbonisation Fund projects

To give you an example of what we’ll fund or partially fund, we’ve started with a couple of projects that sit near and dear to our hearts.

KidsCan is going electric

Driving towards a more sustainable future 

Meridian is the proud Principal Partner of KidsCan – an amazing organisation who work hard helping the kids of Aotearoa who are affected by poverty.  

KidsCan supports close to 1,000 schools and early childhood centres with food, shoes, raincoats and other essential items that help kids learn and play comfortably. Their staff spend a lot of time shuttling between their Auckland warehouse and the schools they support around the regions, ensuring their needs are met. 
Supporting Kiwi kids is a priority and KidsCan want to do this as sustainably as they can. And with the support of Meridian’s Decarbonisation Fund, they’re installing an EV charging station and replacing two of their fleet vehicles with electric vehicles. That’s a fair few tonnes of carbon emissions that they’ll be removing each year!  
"We're delighted that Meridian is giving us the incredible opportunity to go electric," KidsCan's CEO and founder Julie Chapman says. "Our programme’s team spend a lot of time on the road supporting schools, and it's great to be able to do this more sustainably.”  




Solar power for South Island Rowing

Steering towards a sustainable future 

South Island Rowing is a voluntary organisation that operates and maintains the Rowing Centre on the shores of beautiful Lake Ruataniwha. It was developed as part of the Waitaki Hydro project in the 1970s and 80s and is now an internationally recognised rowing course. South Island Rowing are passionate about promoting and fostering the sport of rowing – holding training camps, regattas and functions at their venues throughout the year. 

They’re on a journey to reduce their carbon emissions and are working hard to be more sustainable in the way they run their facilities. Thanks to the Meridian Decarbonisation Fund, they’re installing solar panels to cover part of their power usage – creating new renewable energy generation and lowering their carbon emissions, so that the next generation of Kiwi rowers will continue to enjoy the excellent rowing conditions that the Waitaki area offers. 




Is my project eligible?


To be eligible for funding, a decarbonisation community-based project will need to: 

  • be an electrification project (ie converting something to the use of electricity) or lead to the creation of new renewable generation; and
  • be a project that either wouldn’t have otherwise occurred without this funding or a project that will occur sooner than it otherwise would have with this funding; and 
  • result in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; and 
  • contribute directly to communities across Aotearoa.

Key selection criteria includes:

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the community and for wider Aotearoa 

  • creates benefits that do not currently exist

  • delivering long-term solutions to issues (environmental, social, etc.) 

  • demonstrating the ability to make effective use of the funds 

  • having strong performance measures and robust governance structures in place that focus on outcomes 

  • using the Decarbonisation Community Fund to attract additional funding for projects that will have an even greater positive impact 

  • establishing a sustainable legacy for the project beyond the support of the Decarbonisation Community Fund 

  • provide opportunities to promote and demonstrate what the Decarbonisation Community Fund can achieve.


Applications are now open

The call for applications for the Decarbonisation Community Fund is open now.  The submission deadline is 4 September 2022. If you meet the eligibility criteria you can apply online for funding.

If you have any questions, phone 04 803 2507 or  send us an email.