Our Wellington office

55 Lady Elizabeth Lane is New Zealand’s first purpose-built 5 Green Star rated office. The building uses 60% less energy and 70% less water than comparable office buildings. It’s won numerous awards for design, construction, and operation from a range of national organisations including a 5.5/6 NABERSNZ rating for energy performance.

The office desks and shared areas are located close to windows to make use of natural light, and a solar hot water system generates 80% of the building's needs. The integrated building management system controls windows, shutters, blinds, lighting, heating and cooling. The concrete floors naturally maintain a comfortable inside temperature.

Rainwater is used to flush the building’s water efficient toilets, and the urinals are waterless. Construction of the building was undertaken by Fletcher Construction, who reduced waste to landfill by 60% – a company first. The cement, carpet and glass include a high proportion of recycled content and all timber is sourced from sustainable plantations.

Our staff make good use of the showers and bike storage area located on the ground floor and many come to work by public transport. Printing is significantly reduced through use of wireless internet available throughout the building.

Our new Christchurch office has similar design and energy credentials.

Employee engagement

Each year we survey our employees to capture and assess their level of engagement.

Over 94% of our employees responded to the last survey. This outstanding response rate means we can be confident that the results reliably reflect how people are thinking and feeling.

Our engagement index compares favourably to the IBM Best Places to Work and Energy Sector Benchmarks and our strong investment in learning and development remains a key driver for engagement for our employees.

Reducing emissions

We're dedicated to operating as a sustainable business.

Our largest contribution to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is our 100 percent commitment to building only renewable energy generation. With this commitment we play our part to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of New Zealand’s grid electricity. Using thermal fuel such as coal or gas to produce a similar amount of electricity that we generate would result in millions of tonnes of CO₂ emissions rather than the tens of thousands we produce.

We have voluntarily calculated our ‘carbon footprint’ since 2001. Our reporting processes are consistent with international standards and audited by Deloitte. It’s important to us, and to our customers, that we also focus on how we can reduce our corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We have developed a five-year emission reduction plan which has an overall target to reduce corporate GHG emissions per full-time staff member by 10% and we report on this annually.

Carbon credits

As a renewable energy generator, we have no carbon liability under the Emissions Trading Scheme. In fact we have generated carbon credits from our Te Āpiti and White Hill wind farms for others to use, helping to offset the impact of their emissions.

Working with others

Meridian is a retailer, renewable energy generator, community member and partner to a number of stakeholders predominantly in New Zealand, but also overseas. It is important that all our people across the Meridian Group are guided by our Code of Conduct on the way we behave, as well as clear principles that inform the way we engage with our many stakeholders.

We recognise that our impact extends beyond our own footprint and that we have a wider role to play to support our suppliers. Who we work with and how they go about their business, treat their staff, and manage their supply chain – reflects who we are too. Our Supplier Code of Conduct provides our expectations of suppliers in the areas of ethical business, social responsibilities, health, safety, wellbeing, and environment. We also prepare a modern slavery statement annually which sets out our actions to assess and address modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains.