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Keep tabs on your energy


If you’ve got a smart meter

Your smart meter sends us data on your electricity use every half hour. With MyMeridian you can track and control your power use, in units or dollars. Compare months, weeks, days, or even hours.

See your power use in almost real time. Watch how turning appliances on or off affects your power use, and how changing the way you use energy can save you money Get to grips with what your power use really means.

Set up Energy Binge and Billshock alerts to help you control high usage, and warn you if you’re heading for a high bill. Get a better understanding of your usage from a regular email report.

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 If you’ve got another kind of meter

With MyMeridian you can track your usage over a longer period. Is your electricity budget on target? Do you need to rein things in a bit?

Check your current balance at a glance. Track your energy use month by month. View your transaction history with Meridian as far back as three years to find old bills. The more you know, the more you can control your power use and, potentially, save.

What kind of meter do you have? The pictures of meters on this page will show you. 

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 Stay in control online

Update your account details

With MyMeridian you can update your billing address, email, phone number and password anytime online.

Get your bills by email

Apply online on MyMeridian to get your bills by email, and reduce your carbon footprint.

You can pay by credit card online using MyMeridian

This enables you to:

  • make a one-off payment – for all or part of your bill
  • set up a recurring monthly amount to pay the balance each month.

We accept payment from Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, American Express (Amex) or Diner’s Club.