About MyMeridian

Features to make your life easier

We've designed MyMeridian so you have everything you need to get a handle on when you use power and what it's costing you, in addition to some of the things you expect to do online like see past bills and make payments.

Note: not all features are available if you don't have a smart meter.

Power usage

See when you used power

  • See how much power you used grouped by month, day or hour. 
  • We'll tell you the average usage and highest usage in any given month or year.
  • See your usage by either the power used, or the dollar amount it cost you.

Get regular updates

Get a regular update on how much power you've used and how it compares to previous days/weeks.

  • Daily alerts showing you usage over the day
  • Weekly alerts showing you usage for the week

Receive smart alerts

Turn on alerts to get an email when your power use changes and goes outside of conditions you set.

  • 'Bill shock alert' - Warns you if you’re heading for an unexpectedly high bill.
  • 'Energy binge alert' - Warns you of any exceptionally high daily usage.


View and pay bills

See your account history

  • See all your bills, payments and any discounts you received (e.g. for prompt payment).
  • See the expected date of your next bill.
  • See the due date of any of your bills.
  • Download your transaction summary.

Get your bills

  • Download a copy of any of your bills as a PDF.
  • Switch to ebilling so we email you a copy of your bill instead of sending it in the post.

Pay online

  • Use a credit card to make one-off payments.
  • Save a credit card and make it your primary payment method - we'll charge it automatically each month.

mymeridian bill

Keep your details up to date

Contact details

  • Update your postal address - street, PO box or RD address
  • Update your contact phone numbers - home phone or mobile

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