Conscious Consumers

Join Meridian today and we'll donate $100 of your welcome credit to a good cause.

Donate $100 of your welcome credit to KidsCan or the Kākāpō Recovery Programme

Over 7,500 Conscious Consumers members have said they care about preserving biodiversity and over 6,700 about supporting community initiatives. And we do too, which is why we're proud to support KidsCan and the Kākāpō Recovery Programme.

With that in mind, we've put together an offer that can help you make an even bigger difference. Here's how it works:

  • All new customers that sign up a residential property will receive a $200 welcome credit
  • As a Conscious Consumers member, you can choose to either keep the $200 welcome credit, or ask us to donate half ($100) to either KidsCan or the Kākāpō Recovery Programme on your behalf
  • You’ll also receive an 11% prompt payment discount for paying your bills on time


KidsCan provides Kiwi kids in need with food, clothing and health items at school, so they can get into the classroom in a position to learn. KidsCan does this because they believe that education equals opportunity, and all children, regardless of their social economic background should have an equal chance.

Kākāpō Recovery Programme

Kākāpō Recovery is a world class conservation programme that has been in place since 1990, working to bring back kākāpō from the brink of extinction. The Kākāpō Recovery Programme combines the efforts of scientists, rangers and volunteers, who are charged with looking after the few remaining kākāpō in the world.