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The kākāpō is one of New Zealand’s most endangered birds, with only 147 left. We are working with the Department of Conservation to develop some clever ways to save them, like 3D-printed Smart Eggs that help with the incubation process. But these are only any good once breeding kicks off.

So we put the call out across New Zealand for a saxophonist to record some saxy music to get endangered kākāpō in the mood to breed.

We had many entries from across the country, as Kiwis with saxophones leapt to help save a national treasure from extinction.
It wasn’t just saxophonists either. Non-saxy Kiwis joined the movement and spread the word.

The successful applicant was Piers Dashfield of Wellington, who impressed our panel of saxperts. It remains to be seen if the song can get kākāpō in the mood, but with the support of all you saxy fans and a number of chicks hatching already, we have high hopes about the future for kākāpō.

You can watch how it all turned out above, or show your support by donating to Kākāpō Recovery or downloading the song for free below.

(The song is best downloaded on desktop with Google Chrome. Once you click the download button above, the song will automatically open and play. Then, click the three dots on the right to download.)