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Flexible pricing and payment options

Choose your plan. Choose how to pay. Pay on time and save.

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Prompt payment discounts

Pay your bill in full and on time, and you pay less. Join Meridian online, and we’ll bump your discount to 11%!


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Fixed or variable pricing

Choose a fixed rate plan if you want some certainty to help you budget, or variable pricing if you don’t want to be tied into a contract.

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Your choice of payment method 

Direct debit, credit card, and more - choose the right payment method for you.

make every bill the same

Make every bill the same

Choose LevelPay to spread your energy payments evenly, so you pay the same amount every time.

why join meridan

$150 free power and a welcome gift

Switch your power company and support renewable energy. You’ll get $150 credit off your bill  and you can choose from one of our welcome gifts (iron not included!).

  • $50 Prezzy card 
  • ecostore pack 

why move with meridian

Moving house?

Take us with you when you move and get a handy welcome pack, including:

  • tea and chocolate
  • a range of ecostore  cleaning products

Electricity pricing explained

We’re just one of a number of participants in the supply chain that delivers electricity to your home, business or farm.