Medically dependent

If you’re medically dependent on electricity

Do you rely on mains electricity for medical support, such as a ventilator or for dialysis? Does someone in your household? Would a power cut result in serious harm or death?

Let us know. We’ll make a note on your account, and try to keep your power on unless something happens that’s beyond our reasonable control. (However, we can’t prevent things like power cuts, so you need backup power.)

You need to tell us if you’re medically dependent. And you and your doctor or health provider also need to complete a form.

After you join, we'll send you the form and everything you need to know.

You still need a backup power supply

Your power supply is not guaranteed, even if you have told us you depend on electricity for medical treatment or your health.

Power cuts happen for many reasons, such as bad weather or unplanned emergency repairs.

Make sure you have alternative power. For example, have backup battery power or a generator. And make sure you have family or friends you can contact to help if the power goes off.