If you generate excess energy, it’s exported to us. Our current buyback rate is: 

8 cents per unit

  • Rates are subject to change with 30 days’ notice.
  • These buyback rates apply to all solar panel systems with a rated capacity of up to 10kW. If you’re interested in equipment that generates more than 10kW, talk to us about your options. 
  • This rate does not include GST. If you are GST registered, we’ll need your GST number when you sign up.
  • Note that some network companies charge for exporting energy back to us. Your pricing plan will include this variable rate network export charge if it applies in your network area.

For more information read our onsite renewable generation terms and conditions.

Why the flat rate?

We set our buyback rate to take into account the average price we pay for electricity on the wholesale market. While there are some changes in the price we pay depending on supply and demand and what time of year it is, we make it easier for you by offering a flat rate.

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