Beware of hoax calls

We’ve been alerted to hoax phone calls from people claiming to be from Meridian. Find out more.

Efficient heating and insulation

Gone are the days when heating meant an inefficient open fire and insulation was restricted to ‘batts in the attic’.

New Zealanders are now a lot more power savvy, and we have plenty of options when it comes to efficient home and water heating, and effective insulation.

We’re sharing what we know to help you save money— with better heating and insulation in your home.

Easy ideas to design your lighting to save power

It’s easy to think about lights as just something we turn on when we walk into a room. We rarely think about the fact that we often use more lighting than we need. 

House and home

Even a decade ago power users may have had to struggle to find ways to save power. Now there are plenty of options. We want to share what we know to help you save power — and money.

We’ve gathered savings tips in three main areas for your house and home: