We're pleased to be the first Conscious Consumers accredited power company in New Zealand.

We're proud to have partnered with Conscious Consumers – a small innovative kiwi company with big goals on making a positive difference.

Before forming this partnership and becoming accredited, Conscious Consumers made sure that we were walking the talk with our sustainable and ethical practices. We are pleased to be part of the framework revision and achieve reaccreditation.

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Conscious Consumer accreditation badges

To become accredited, a retailer must meet a minimum of three of Conscious Consumers operational, and two or three product badge standards. 

"Through accreditation we endorse businesses who are committed to doing good things for people and our planet, and make it easy for consumers to find businesses whose practices match their values." - Conscious Consumers

Supporting Communities

Supporting Communities

Across our KidsCan, Kākāpō Recovery Programme and Community Funds Meridian gives an estimated $1.5m a year to supporting NZ communities and the issues they are passionate about.  In addition, our campaigns are specifically created to raise awareness for those we support with strong call to actions to encourage others to donate and support.

carbon conscious

Carbon Conscious

Meridian continues to calculate and audit our carbon footprint, and we set targets for year on year reductions.  We’ve adopted Cisco Jabber video conferencing to cut down on air travel and are changing our vehicle fleet to EVs.

energy efficient

Energy Efficiency

Meridian has set an Electric Vehicle (EV) target of 90% for our passenger fleet in 2020 using fully electric cars not hybrids. Each of our main offices is in a modern, energy-efficient building that meets the New Zealand Green Building Council’s 5-star standard.

diversity reporting

Diversity Reporting

Meridian reports on gender balance across the business and specifically leadership roles. We support “Girls with High Vis” to actively encourage and support women into technical fields. We are also an accredited Rainbow Tick organisation.

Become a Conscious Consumers member

It’s quick and easy for consumers nationwide to sign-up to Conscious Consumers. They’ll help you find and support businesses doing good stuff. It’s free, uses paymark security and only takes two minutes. There’s a smartphone app to make it easy to find businesses and learn about their practices. 

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