How do I charge my electric car?

The rate at which you can add range to your electric car by charging it depends on the vehicle, battery type and the type of charging equipment you’re using. For example, ‘slow’ charging at home could take around 6−8 hours to fully charge your car. ‘Fast’ charging at a public rapid charger can fully charge a car in up to 20 minutes.

electric charging

At home

The easiest way to charge your electric car is to do it at home in the evenings – just like you’d charge your mobile phone after a busy day. You can fully charge most electric cars in 6−8 hours this way, and our Rest Easy EV plan offers you great value when you charge overnight.

At work

As the popularity and efficiencies of electric cars increases, many workplaces are investing in electric fleet cars and installing charging capabilities at work.

Out and about

There is an increasing number of slow and fast public charging stations available throughout New Zealand


How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

The cost of charging your electric car will vary on the type of car and where you’re charging.

  • A Nissan Leaf charged on a domestic power point for 8 hours will cost between $4 and $7.
  • A top-up charge at work is likely to cost less.
  • Using a rapid charger, a Nissan Leaf can be given an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes for around $4 to $7.

Charge up while you wind down

Are you a residential customer living in Auckland Wellington or Christchurch? Meridian makes charging overnight easy with our Rest Easy EV plan.

Or top up for free

Find out where to top up your EV for free, with our partnership with Kiwi Properties.